Fred’s last letter home

[Or at least one of his last letters – I have seen no others]

It’s probably Poppycoincidence that as Mahon leaves the 10th Division, the 5th Royal Irish Regiment – the divisional pioneers, are sent to the front line, despite having worked most days and nights up to this point.  From the diaries I suspect Fred Dunn was caught up in the bombs that were being thrown down at the troops – some of whom, having run out, had none to throw back.  He fell, along with dozens of others in his battalion between 14.30 and 18:30.  He left a wife and four children.  With another child on the way, she struggled and failed to get any of his effects from the war office, not realising the way that he had died.


Monday July 5th 1915 8 pm.  [Basingstoke]

My Dearest Old Girl,

I have no official news for you, but I think I can tell you as a definite fact that I shan’t be able to get home to you this week.

We have today been served out with our thin clothes and new shirts, towels, kitbags, and two pair socks from Lady Granard. It is expected that we entrain from here on Thursday for Avonmouth, Bristol and remain there for 3 weeks at a rest camp before embarking for India. But sweetheart our destination is absolutely unknown to anyone and so I take no notice of the rumours myself, knowing that what has to be, will be. But I believe it is to be a fact that we are going to a rest camp and are getting our final leave from there.

Don’t however write to Bristol, rather address as above and leave it to follow me, as it undoubtedly will. We were warned today that we were, from yesterday, soldiering under real active service conditions and any offence would be severely dealt with. We also had our Field Payment books served out. I am shewn as free from debt but the credit side is not filled in.

I have as usual made my will in your favour in the space provided for that job but I don’t think it will be needed. But don’t forget old girl from yesterday I am on [active]  service and you are entitled to Full pension for yourself and kiddies if anything should happen to me and don’t forget you have a powerful friend in R_____  to see that you get it.

We also were each served out with our Dressings for wounds and a phial of iodine for immediately making a wound antiseptic. This last is also the gift of Lady Granard and we got a small packet containing 3 packets of woodbine. Labelled ‘from friends in Ireland who are proud of you.’

What makes me certain that we are not yet going to any war is the fact that kitbags which were taken from us in Longford, have now been served out again, new ones too. In any case as you saw by that newspaper cutting I enclosed we are now attached to the General’s Headquarters as Pioneers and find all the guards, picquets and fatigues for Headquarters and our regiment will never do any fighting. Only in case at the direst need and of course any man would be willing (and anxious to do his bit then)

Of course haven’t heard from you today mate but I hope tomorrow and I will write again every day to let you know how things are going and keep you up to date with our movements. Keep smiling Dear, I am alright and cheerful, hope things at home are going alright and that you are all well,

Love to you all, your loving husband


10th Div AA&QM: 16 Aug 1915

Mon., Aug 16, 1915          SUVLA BAY

09.30 Lt Genl B.J. MAHON KCVO CB DSO left for Mudros en route to England and Br Genl F.F. HILL CB DSO assumed temporary command of the 10th Division by order of GHQ (telegram no. B237)

Genl MAHON thus left the Division he had raised in Ireland to the bitter regret of all ranks who loved and trusted him. He published the following personal message to the division.

I cannot express to all ranks of the 10th (Irish) Division the regret with which I give up command of you, and thank you all for the gallant service you have done. Since the Division landed you have been fighting day & night and no men could do better than you have done. Your losses have been heavy but nothing has shaken your morale & courage.   Ireland can well be proud of you.   It is the saddest day of my life leaving you all, and if I thought it was to your advantage I would not do so but you are better off without me and I feel certain you will serve my successor with equal loyalty and devotion. You cannot excel it. Farewell and good luck to you all.

09.00 2 batteries 57 Howitzer Bde rejoined the Division from England, and commenced disembarking. The 1st reinforcements of the 6 & 7 R Dublin Fus and details of the 3 Field Ambulances disembarked.
09.49 9th Corps reported casualties 29 Inf Brig as follows:

10 Hants Regt wounded OR 5
5/Connaught Rgrs wounded OR 2

Also 2/Lieut A.D. BENNETT 5/Connaught Rangers wounded on the 14th Inst.

The following appointments were notified in GRO No, 419 – d/ 13/08/15 :-

LtCol Q.G.K. AGNEW MVO. DSO. 1/KOSB to command 29 Inf Brig vice Br Genl R.J. COOPER CVO. (Wounded) d/ 11/08/15

Capt R.V. POLLOK to be Bde Major vice Major A.H. McCLEVERTY (wounded) 29 Inf Brig d/ 12/08/15

Capt J.G. RAMSAY Cameron Highlander to be Staff Captain 29 Inf Brig vice Capt G.W. NUGENT (killed) d/ 12/08/15

21.20 The following casualties in 5/R.InnisFus for 15th inst. were reported:-

Killed Officers 6


Wounded Officers 14


5thRIReg: 16 Aug 1915

Mon., Aug 16, 1915          SUVLA BAY

06.00 Party of 1 Officer and 50 other ranks on water fatigue as usual

1 Platoon, D Coy completed construction of dug outs at Hqrs 10 Divn,
4 parties searching for wells as on 15th inst.

A & D Coys, less above, improving defences

13.00 A Coy proceeded to Hqrs, 30 Inf Brig as reserve
14.00 A & B Coys under Major G.M. GROGAN proceeded from about point 135.X.3 to KIRETCH TEPE SIRT and relieved 2 Coys R. Irish Fusiliers on the extreme left of front line.   TURKISH Infantry in very close proximity to our line. Very heavy rifle, machine gun & shrapnel fire.
15.30 C Coy, hitherto in Reserve at Hqrs, 30 Inf Brig. moved up to reinforce left.
18.30 A Coy relieved by a Coy from 6 R. Dublin Fusiliers – no change in situation since taking over at 14.30 o’clock.
20.00 B Coy relieved by a Coy from 6 R. Dublin Fusiliers – no change in situation since taking over at 14.30 o’clock.
20.00 C Coy, relieved by 6 R. Dublin Fusiliers but, owing to a violent attack of enemy on left, had to return and reinforce eventually receiving orders to retire at 2020.

The line held by our own Coys was almost untenable and was eventually given up by order of GOC, 30 Inf Brig. Owing to dead ground and large boulders in our front very little could be seen of the TURKS who used bombs against us with some effect. Enfilading shrapnel fire from TURKISH guns along the KIRETCH TEPE SIRT ridge caused a number of casualties in the firing line as well as to reinforcements relieving troops coming up.

Casualties in the 3 Coys sent up from this Bn were :-

Killed Lieut. R. MACANDREW
2/ Lieut G.P. COSTELLO
Wounded & missing – believed killed Lieut. J.R. DUGGAN
Other ranks 31 killed [Click for list]

98 wounded
18 Missing


Position from 135.X.3 marked with blue pointer

[It seems that Frederick J Dunn and his comrades in A Company fell between 14.00 & 18.30 today.]

The terrain looked something like this:



10th Div GC: 16th Aug 1915

Mon., Aug 16, 1915          SUVLA BAY

01.50 162 Inf Brig report evacuation KIDNEY HILL and describe their new line.
01.55 Y25 forwarded Gen Hill
05.40 To 9th Corps to report gen Hill’s situation and to request reinforcements
06.08 9th Corps reply our out 196. No reinforcements available, troops must hold on.
06.40 No reinforcements available. Guns must assist where possible (further reply out 196)
06.45 Urgent orders to 162 Inf brig to hold onto TURKISH fort
06.58 31 Inf brig report dispositions 162 Inf Brig
07.00 30 Inf brig report dispositions
07.05 Report situation 9th Corps : troops hard pressed
07.50 Request to 9th Corps for naval gun fire on end of ridge square 136L. This naval fire from HM tld [?]
07.47 To notify 9th Corps that Gen Nicol of NOT reinforced will have to retire
08.20 Reply out 201 – 9th Corps urgently demand that troops should hold on.
08.21 Reply to B124. Doubtful if we can hold on but troops are doing their utmost.
08.21 Three more TURKISH prisoners arrived Div HQ
09.00 Lt Gen Sir Bryan Mahon relinquished command of the Div which was temporarily assumed by Brig Gen F. Hill, Cmdg 31 Inf Brig. The command of which devolved upon Lt Col Pike 5/Ir Fus.

GOC and GSO (1) to conference at 9th Corps HQ

09.03 Gen Nicol telephones unable to hold out throughout the day unless reinforced by two battalions. Repeated 9th Corps.
09.25 162 Inf Brig report their line 136V7 – 135Z9 – 117F6 – K in KURKURTLI PUNER: left of line close to right flank with Div.
09.55 Gen Nicol reports his line along KIRETCH TEPE SIRT main ridge thence to sea 136 G7
10.05 31 Inf Brig report right of line held by 5/ R. Ir Fus evacuated owing to this battn being transferred to left of 30 Inf Brig.

Following changes notified in staff 29th Inf Brig. Lt Col Q.G.K.AGNEW MV DSO to command with temporary rank Brig Gen. Vice Brig Gen R.J. COOPER wounded. Capt R.V.POLLOCK Brig Major vice Capt A.H. McCLEVERTY wounded.   Capt J.G. RAMSAY staff captain vice Capt G.W. NUGENT killed

10.15 Questions re positions hostile trenches and of our left joins 162 Inf Brig
10.15 To report to 162 Inf Brig owing to withdrawal one battn our right in your rear much weakened.
10.50 31 Inf Brig forwards report by RNAS on massing of TURKS about KIDNEY HILL
10.58 J23 repeated to ninth Corps
11.30 54 Div report dispositions of their brigades
11.35 54 Div ask if 162 Inf Brig can now be returned to command of 54 Div
11.45 Y32 forwarded to Gen NICOL
11.53 Reply to 54 Div Y33
11.58 Repeat out 210 to Gen Nicol and Ninth Crops
12.02 31 Inf Brig acknowledge G187 give their disposition and report in touch with 162 Inf Brig on right.
12.05 To Ninth Corps receipt GS195 ORDERS
12.15 Repeat Ninth Corps GS195 to Gen NICOL
12.25 30 Inf Brig reply to B125 (Ninth Corps)
12.40 Repeat to Ninth Corps F38
13.00 30 Inf Brig notified one Coy 5.R.Ir.Regt reinforcing them now.
13.35 Orders to 30 Inf Brig re: 5.R.Ir.Regt to hold inner line of trenches tonight
13.40 Ninth Corps decline to provide two battns. reinforcements asked for
13.50 Reply to B128 – unable to hold on unless reinforcements 2 battns ARE provided.
13.58 Ninth Corps will provide reinforcements (B127): 2 battns to be furnished by 163 Inf Brig 54 Div
14.05 Ref B128. To ask 54 Div where battns are, suggest arrangements for moving them.
14.12 Ninth Corps report movements TURKISH reinforcements
14.15 To Gen NICOL Repeat B128 and B130
14.25 Ninth Corps escort for guns where NOT protected
14.33 Reply from 54 Div (out 220)
14.36 Captain D.J.C.K. BERNARD GSO 3rd grade bullet wound in calf of leg. Admitted hospital
15.15 Ninth Corps GR281 Preparatory orders with contingent view 54 Div taking over line 10 Div
16.00 To 54 Div ref Y34 when are battns starting
16.38 Ref Y34 and out 224 have 54 Div battns arrived yet.
16.40 Reply B132 NO. Guide despatched no reply repeated inquiries
16.45 Ninth Corps report TURKISH   moves & dispositions
16.55 The 2 battns 54 Div left pt. 28 for 30 Inf Brig HQ 1/5 SUFF R. 1/8 HAMPS R.
17.00 Repeat B133 to 30 Inf Brig
18.00 Maj. LEMAN to meet GSO 54 Div on hill and arrange dispositions
18.00 Ninth Corps Maj.Gen INGLEFIELD Cmdg 54 Div placed in command of section from right of 162 Inf Brig to the sea. Troops of 10th Div commanded by Brig Gen HILL are therefore placed under the former’s orders.
18.35 30 Inf Brig report staff captain Capt T.J.D. ATKINSON wounded in chest, bullet.
Maj LEMAN GSO 2nd grade met Maj FARQUHAR 54 Div staff at Gen NICOL’s HQ. A reconnaissance of the position was held and it was decided to abandon the forward posts held by 6 R.Dub.Fus which was becoming quite untenable and to fall back to the line running from JEPHSONS POST to the sea.It was arranged that 6. Dub Fus should evacuate this post at 2030. Naval destroyer shelling the post heavily at 20.40. Withdrawal was successfully carried out. Brig gen BRUNKER assumed command of the ridge.
22.04 Maj. FARQUHAR reports withdrawal to JEPHSONS POST line completed.
22.33 54 Div ask for guide for ration and SAA convoy 5/Suff R. and 8 Hamps R.
23.25 54 Div ask for guide to lead 161st Inf Brig from pt 28 to KIRETCH ridge

10th Div AA&QM: 15 Aug 1915

Sun., Aug 15, 1915           SUVLA BAY

Casualties for 14th Inst

6/R.Muns.Fus Killed OR 2
Wounded OR 1
7/R.Muns.Fus Killed OR 2
Missing OR 1
7/ R. Dublin Fus Killed: OR 1
Missing: OR 5
65 Coy RE Wounded:
Officer 1 (Major F.F GARRETT)
5/ R.Ir.Regt (pn) Wounded OR 1
Casualties 29 Inf brig at ANZAC reported through 9th Corps.
Bde Staff Killed
Officer 1 (Capt G.W. NUGENT)Wounded
Officers 3 (Bd.Genl R.J. COOPER Capt A.H. McCLAVERTY (Bde Maj) Capt. C.L. WADDINGTON (B.M.G.O.)OR 8Missing & Wounded
Officer 1 (2/Lt M.N. PICTYMAN)

OR 11

All on 10/8/15

10 Hampshire Regt Wounded
Officer 1 (2.Lt F.W.PARRY)OR 7
6/ R.Ir.Rifles Killed   OR 3
Wounded OR 18All on 8/8/15
12.00 Lt Genl Mahon received a telegram from CGS GHQ informing him that Lord Kitchener had selected Major General de Lisle to command the 9th Corps with the rank of Lieut Genl, and that Sir Ian Hamilton hopes that Lt Genl Mahon would waive his seniority and continue to command the 10th Division under his junior officer. Lt Genl Mahon declined to waive his seniority and recommended Br Genl F.F. Hill CB DSO Cmdg 31 Inf Brig to succeed him as Divl Cmdr.

Throughout the afternoon and night the Division was heavily engaged in advancing along the KIRETCH TEPE SIRT ridge.   The casualties are estimated to be very heavy.

The enemy located DHQ by aeroplane reconnaissance, and has since subjected it to shell fire at intervals.

Lt General Mahon

Lt General Mahon


Major General de Lisle

10th Div GC: 15th Aug 1915

Our troops on the left hand cheering – 1 Officer 17 other ranks captured

Sun., Aug 15, 1915           SUVLA BAY

06.30 Daily Report. All quiet – no movements. One sniper killed.
07.40 31 Inf brig. Enemy reported moving down to wullah S. of BAKA BABA 105 F 4-7
09.45 Ninth Corps GS184 Orders
09.45 10th Div Order No. 1
09.46 Ninth Corps Intelligence summary – copies to units.
10.10 Cipher message from GHQ
10.50 Acknowledge cipher message above
11.30 54 Div reports TURKS massing 118 H9
11.45 Replied to Cipher message Misc 6
11.50 9th Corps notify TURKS about 118 Y 1 and 118 X3   [B112]
11.55 B112 repeated 30 and 31 Inf Brig
12.15 GOC 10 Div and advanced report centre established H of KIRETCH TEPE SIRT
12.30 Artillery bombardment began – Naval guns 58 7 A B. 2 guns Heavy Batty and Highland Mountain Brigade
13.00 5/ R.Innis Fus began advancing
13.10 Some delay in advance of 162 Inf Brig. their left battn BEDFORD R. NOT in touch with our right (5 R. Innis Fus.)
13.25 58 F. AB report battery commander’s telephone wire burnt in bush fire.
14.30 Right attack rather delayed owing to lack of support by 162 Inf Brig who were slow.
14.40 6th R. Innis Fus. Now N. of benchmark. 30 Inf Brig HQ at JEPHSONS POST – 6th R. Ir. Fus ordered to hold main ridge
14.45 162 Inf Brig again ordered to push on
15.20 162 Inf Brig report have reached line 117 F6
15.35 31 Inf Brig (Gen Hill) orders 162 Inf Brig – to push on
16.05 Report situation to 9th Corps
16.10 CRE 10th Div reports dispatch large quantity stores, sand bags, wire etc.
16.12 Hostile battery located 119 C1
16.15 Mountain battery report one gun out of action, no casualties. Hostile reinforcements observed in 136 M. Mountain battery ordered to engage them.
16.35 162 Inf Brig visible: troops bunching, many groups stationary.
5. R. Innis Fus now on line 200 yards short of JEPHSONS POST and receiving no support on their right.
16.50 Urgent orders 162 Inf brig to advance
16.50 6th R. Innis Fus are 50 yards beyond JEPHSONS POST, 3 Coys 6. R. Dub. Fus on left on same line. 7. R. Dub. Fus N. of ridge
17.10 Report situation 9th Corps and 54 Div
17.20 Gen Hill came to Div HQ to report situation verbally – J16 arrived at same time.
17.30 Naval observing officer requests naval gun fire on KIDNEY HILL
17.45 Bombardment commenced
18.07 Our troops on the left hand cheering – 1 Officer 17 other ranks captured
18.25 162 Inf Brig report brigadier Gen de Winton wounded and brigade unable to advance beyond 117 F6
18.26 Verbal order. “We are advancing you must do the same”
18.40 Gen Nicol reports on telephone 6 R.Dub.Fus and 6 R.Innis.Fus. 6 R.Ir.Fus ordered up to entrench.

162 Inf brig ordered to advance enemy on the run.

18.45 Ninth Corps report HQ and 2 battys 57 F.A.B (How) expected SUVLA BAY midnight
18.55 Report to 9th Corps and 54 Div main ridge captured and 18 prisoners taken.
19.08 Report to 9th Corps proposed dispositions for holding the ridge.
19.15 Request 50 boxes SAA to be sent up to ridge.
19.45 Two Companies 5. R. Ir Regt to be sent up to reinforce. GOC and advanced report centre returned to Div HQ.
21.10 To ask 9th Corps if 58 F.A.B still under 10 Div Orders
21.30 162 Inf Brig report their situation. Forward Gen Hill 21.41 (out 185). Repeated 9th Corps 22.00 (out 186)
22.18 9th Corps ask if 162 Inf Brig can be spared to rejoin 54 Div.   [B119]
22.25 Ref B119 replied to 9th Corps and 54 Div in negative
22.30 Ref. our out 182 Ninth Corps notify 58 F.A.B. still under our orders
22.45 Congratulatory order from 9th Corps re operations [B121]
22.54 B121 repeated Gen HILL
22.52 Report of situation of 162 Inf. Brig
23.02 Repeated 9th Corps

5thRIReg: 15 Aug 1915

Sun., Aug 15, 1915           SUVLA BAY

06.00 Party of 1 Officer & 50 other ranks on water fatigue as usual.

1 platoon A Coy continued construction of dug outs at Hqrs 10 div
4 parties each composed of 1 Officer and 10 men searching for wells.

All Coys, less above parties, improving defences & constructing dug outs

19.00 80 NCOs and men sent forward to assist 32 Field Ambulance in task of carrying back casualties from the front
19.30 Party of 1 Officer and 100 men taking up ammunition to the front.

1 NCO, 10 men carrying medical comforts for 32 Field Ambulance

20.00 B & C Corps sent forward as reserve to 30 Inf. Brig.


10th Div AA&QM: 14 Aug 1915

Sat., Aug 14, 1915            SUVLA BAY

The 1st reinforcements of all units present except 6 & 7 R.Dub.Fus arrived from MUDROS. Also the 10th cyclist co with their cycles and 6 motor cycles. The latter were handed to 10 signal Co.

Casualties for 13th inst:-

6/RMuns Fus Killed O.R.-1 (accidentally )
Wounded O.R.- 1
65 Coy R.P. Wounded O.R.- 2
66 Coy R.P. Wounded Officer 1 Lieut C. SLEIGH

Camp kettles received and issued.

5thRIReg: 14 Aug 1915

Sat., Aug 14, 1915            SUVLA BAY

06.00 Party of 1 Officer & 50 other ranks on water fatigue as usual. One platoon of B Coy continued construction of dug outs for H’qrs 10 Div

4 parties each consisting of 1 officer & 10 men sent out to search for & dig wells.

All Coys, less above parties, improving defences & constructing dugouts in rear.



Coys manned defences & furnished night outposts as usual.

1st Reinforcement – 2 Officers & 156 Other Ranks joined the Bn. From MUDROS on this date bringing heavy tools etc. left behind when Bn embarked

10th Div GC: 14th Aug 1915

Sat., Aug 14, 1915            SUVLA BAY

04.30 Ninth Corps – Need for continual vigilance and energy to prevent hostile movements.
An attack was carried out in the early hours of the 13th Inst to secure a hostile trench, the attack was preceded by a bombing party of RE but the only bombs available were those which have to be lit by a fuse. The result was that on getting near the trench the assaulting party were greeted with a brisk rifle fire. The bombing party lay down under a bush and endeavoured to light the fuses.

There was considerable delay, which, (unavoidably) detracted from the dash and elan of the infantry assaulting party, and by the time the fuses were lit and bombs thrown the Turks had bolted.

These bombs are utterly unsuited for an operation of this nature. The only suitable bombs are of percussion pattern which can be thrown instantaneously without checking the infantry advance.

06.43 All quiet on our front – no firing and no hostile movements observed.
08.30 First reinforcements for 30 and 31 Inf Brig (except 6th and 7th R. Dub. Fus) have arrived.   Also 10th Cyclist Co with cycles and 6 motor cycles, but their signalers (5) have been detained for duty on SS MINNETONKA
08.40 Ninth Corps instruction for every effort to be made to strengthen and consolidate our position at the same time taking every advantage of local offensive
09.35 B100 repeated to 30 and 31 Inf Brig
09.40 Reference bomb attack described above, Ninth Corps asked to provide proper bombs
10.20 Intelligence Report SUVLA BAY district     {Retained with carbon copy for reference}
10.21 Strategical situation hostile troops.             {Retained with carbon copy for reference}
13.02 Ninth Corps re strengthening position making good deficiencies in tools, requisitioning stores etc required.
13.25 To Ninth Corps giving exact position of our right 117 D9 in touch with 54 Div: 53 Div entrenching 600 yds to our point
13.35 Re: out 153 Ninth Corps ask for name of unit 53 Div   [B105]
15.10 54 Div arrangements for their left 163rd Inf Brig communicating position to our right. At 16.00 a staff officer went to 163rd Inf Brig to acquire this information.
16.30 Reference B105 10th and 11th City of London Regt and 55 and 56 Fd Cos.
19.15 Report of situation & intelligence to 9th Corps. All quiet nothing to report
19.15 54th Division report left battn 117F between 8 and 5 to 117 F2
21.00 Result of reconnaissance (ref Y2) to 9th Corps.


5thRIReg: 13 Aug 1915

Fri., Aug 13, 1915            SUVLA BAY

06.00 Party of 1 Officer & 50 other ranks on water fatigue as on 12 Aug.
0700 D coy continued construction of dug outs for H’qrs 10 Div

1 Officer, 25 men constructing dug outs for H’qrs IX Corps

B Coy continued & completed road from A Beach via CHARAK CHESNE

A & C Coys improving defences & constructing dugouts in rear.

1900 All Coys manned defences & furnished outposts as usual.

10th Div GC: 13th Aug 1915

Fri., Aug 13, 1915            SUVLA BAY

04.30 9th Corps forward field message R16
06.25 30 Inf Brig forward morning intelligence report & summary of news. To 9th Corps G119
06.30 To 30 Inf Brig to locate more exactly positions our right and 54 Div left.
07.30 Ninth Corps to ask if any objection firing 60 prs [?]
08.05 30 Inf Brig forward intelligence report with map

15th Heavy Battery and 6th & 7th R. Dub Fusiliers have now rejoined the division. 85 Fd Co left yesterday for attachment to 54 Div

09.10 Gen Nicol reports his right 200 yds NW of 7 Essex Regt 54 Div
10.45 Some shelling occurred from unlocated guns near ANAFARTA for about 45 mins. Shells were 200-500 yards yards over. 20% failed to explode.
11.25 Gen Hill ordered to cover working party of 54 Div entrenching a line 134Z – 117K – 117P.
11.25 Ninth Corps notify 6 trained snipers shortly arriving from ANZAC
12.25 Ref B89 – Snipers have arrived
14.10 To 31 Inf brig to notify snipers going up this evening
14.25 Ninth Corps. Every available man to strengthen position [B90]
14.35 To 30 Inf brig repeating B90
15.30 Ninth Corps arrangements re: construction 2nd line of defence. [B93]
15.33 HQ 54th Div 116 O1
15.33 Exact position of our right is at 117 J2 and not at 117 D7   [B92]
15.37 To 30 Inf brig repeating B92 and B93
16.20 GOC 11th Div send his appreciation of services rendered by 31 Inf Brig and both battns R. Dub Fus.   [B94]
16.23 B94 communicated to troops concerned
18.40 30 Inf brig report all quiet – position strengthened – number of Turks about AGHIL 136 R estimated one battn   [F29]
18.45 Forwarding F29 to Ninth Corps
22.00 To Ninth Corps. Casualties being needlessly incurred
22.05 Ninth Corps inform reinforcements for R Irish Fus and R Innis Fus arrived on A Beach   [B96]
22.15 Repeating B96 to 31 Inf Brig

10th Div AA&QM: 13 Aug 1915

Fri., Aug 13, 1915            SUVLA BAY

03.00 The 6th & 7th Battns Royal Dub Fus rejoined the Division from being attached to the 11th Div and the 5/Dorset and 9 Lancs Fus rejoined the 11th Division (their own) on relief.

Application was made for the services of the reserve officers left in United Kingdom for the Battns who have lost heavily in officers

10.45 Effective strengths of Brigades were reported as under:-

30th Inf Brig
6/RMunsF 16 Offs 502 OR
7/RMunsF 11 Offs 554 OR
6/RDubF Not yet Reported
31st Inf Brig
5/Innis Fus 24 Offs 701 OR
6/Innis Fus 17 Offs 638 OR
5/R.Ir.Fus 8 Offs 401 OR
6/R.Ir.Fus 5 Offs 445 OR
5/R.Ir Regt 25 Offs 726 OR

This brings the number of casualties known & strength more accurate.

Casualties for 12th Inst.

6/RMuns Fus Killed O.R.-7       Wounded 12     Missing 3
7/RMuns Fus Wounded O.R.- 1
5/RInnis Fus Wounded Officer – 1 Capt W.C.G. BOLITHO   O.R.-2
6/RInnis Fus Wounded O.R.- 1       Missing 8

Some of horses of DHQ and a few mules (28) for the Inf brigades arrived.

10th Div AA&QM: 12 Aug 1915

Thu., Aug 12, 1915           SUVLA BAY



Strength of Inf Battn now in Division reported as follows:

30th Inf Brig
6/RMunsF 16 Offs 432 OR
7/RMunsF 11 Offs 555 OR
31st  Inf Brig
5/Innis Fus 25 Offs 731 OR
6/Innis Fus 18 Offs 596 OR
5/R.Ir.Fus 6 Offs 484 OR
6/R.Ir.Fus 4 Offs 213 OR
5/R.Ir Regt 25 Offs 726 OR

Total at DHQ : Officers 105 OR 3737 – A loss since leaving MUDROS of

Officers 70
OR 1513

A report was received from ANZAC that Br Genl R.J. Cooper MVO, Capt A.H. McCleverly (Bde Major) were wounded and Capt G.W. Nugent Staff Capt 29 Inf Brigade killed. Date not given.

18.50 The following casualties for the Battns detached from the Division during the operations of the 7th to 10th inst. were reported :-

5/ R. Irish.Fus Killed: Officers: 1 (Major W.F.C. GARSTIN)

Officers: 14

Killed wounded or Missing: O.R. 353

6/ R. Irish.Fus Killed:
Officers 5

Officers: 9

Suffering from Concussion:
Officers 2

Missing believed killed:
Officers 3

Killed Wounded or Missing: O.R. 310

6/R. Innis Fus. Killed:
Officer 1 : 2/Lieut W.S. COLLEN.

Officers 7

Killed Wounded or Missing: O.R. 99

6. R. Dublin Fus Killed:
Officers 1 : Lieut J.J. DOYLE.

Officers 7:

Wounded, Missing believed killed: (by fire)
Officers 2

Officers 1 Lieut D.R.CLERY

Killed Wounded or Missing: O.R. 450

7. R. Dublin Fus Killed:
Officers 1 Major C.H. TIPPETT.

Officers 2
Lieut E.L. JULIAN, 2/Lieut C.D. HARVEY

Killed Wounded or Missing: O.R. 125

10th Div GC: 12th Aug 1915

Thu., Aug 12, 1915           SUVLA BAY

00.50 Ninth Corps re: connection between our right and left of 53rd Div. [B77]

Repeat B77 to 30 Inf Brig

05.04 30 Inf Brig report back situation of their right and troops with whom they are in touch. [F19 & 20]
05.40 To inform 53 Div and Ninth Corps of F19 & F20
06.25 30 Inf Brig report Situation   [F21]
06.35 To Ninth Corps to repeat F21
08.15 Ninth Corps and 11th Div notified departure 9 Lacs Fus to rejoin 11th Div.
08.30 Effective strengths of units are:

6/RMF 16 Offs 432 OR
7/RMF 11 Offs 555 OR
5/Innis Fus 25 Offs 731 OR
6/Innis Fus 18 Offs 596 OR
5/R.Ir.Fus 6 Offs 484 OR
6/R.Ir.Fus 4 Offs 213 OR
5/R.Ir Regt 25 Offs 726 OR
08.30 To repeat B73 to 30 Inf Brig and 5.R.Ir.Regt  [re: non-cutting of trees]
09.48 Ninth Corps reports no big movement in Turkish lines. Hostile battery dug in 106 N 5. Camps 50 tents in 106 P   [B80]
09.51 53rd Div ask for patrols towards 118 P8: they will patrol towards 117 D 7 [B81]
10.00 Repeating B80 and B81 to 30 Inf Brig
10.05 To 9th Corps re B81 Why patrol towards 118 P8 as this is covered by 54 Div (vide F19 & F20)
11.53 11 Div report 2 Battns R Dub Fus rejoining tonight – where are they to be sent
12.07 To 11 Div. request Battns to be at 116 P7 at 19.00 where they will be met.
12.38 30 Inf Brig reports touch established with 5/ Suffolk R 163rd Brig. 54 Div on our right
13.12 Ref C17 6 and 7 R Dub Fus cannot reach 116 p7 before 22.30 (11 Div) [C18]
14.15 Instructions to 11 Div re C18
14.31 9th Corps forward field message R15
15.25 9th Corps attach all mountain artillery now with 11th Div to 10th Div   [B84]
15.35 To 11 Div re: B84 Artillery to move by daylight if possible.
16.30 11th Div will not send guns (B84) today unless urgently required. [C19]
16.40 To 11 Div (C19) guns urgently required
17.00 9th Corps forwards GR 205 – acknowledged G116
18.26 30 Inf Brig forward evening summary of intelligence to 9th Corps
18.43 9th Corps report gun emplacements 136 O6 and 106 N5
23.51 33rd Brig 11 Div report 6/ and 7/ R Dub Fus, cannot reach 116 P7 before 07.00